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Gilles Fransen, Founder & CEO, DGTL Ventures

What Gilles Fransen, Founder & CEO at DGTL Ventures has to say about working with Project 33 for the past 8 months.

These are snippets taken from our conversation:

1. "I love the way that it's very precise. It just takes me an hour every 2 weeks to create great content."

2. "We get very good feedback from people on the videos. So that is also nice for the ego."

3. "It also helps you think about your business, your content, how to present it, how to explain it, how to be concise, making sure that people who don't really know our business can understand it… Sharpening the message of the offering that we have is a really nice side-effect of doing these videos."

4. "What brings the most value for me is the efficiency. The way we do the ideation – it's fairly natural, very smooth. Recording the videos – it's no effort at all. And then all the editing gets done, you just need to review it, give some comments, and that's it. It's really smooth."

5. “In our business, there's a need for"a lot and a lot of education as people don't know what digital adoption is."

6. “Creating videos with us is simply fun to do and doesn't feel like a drag or something."

7. "There are not so many people that do videos. If you see videos, it's really those slick corporate marketing kind of stuff, which companies like us simply can't afford. We are not a 1000-employee thing. So, with Project 33 doing these videos in a way that it still looks very professional makes a difference."

8. "Having you guys also keeps me disciplined. It's a little bit like training. If you have an appointment, you're much more likely to go."

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