Karina Vazirova - Founder & CEO, KV Labs

“There’s no shortcut to building an online presence, but with Project 33, it became easier and more enjoyable”

While working on her previous company, KV Labs, Karina recognized the importance of creating a scalable personal brand. But she struggled with finding time and headspace to put out enough content online.

She hired us to take care of everything she was struggling with:
- Helping her brainstorm questions and topics
- Recording the videos together with her
- Editing the videos
- Drafting copies
- Helping her with LinkedIn network growth

She especially liked our recording sessions. Recording videos on her own used to be a dreadful task. She’d have to script the video, memorize it, and then have multiple takes just to find the “perfect” one. One video would take her “at least 6 hours”, all in all.

With us, recording videos turned into “an enjoyable process”. After the first two sessions, we were repeatedly recording 4 videos in under 30 minutes.

“I recommend you to all of my business owner friends who are thinking about creating videos.”

Karina Vazirova - Founder & CEO, KV Labs