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Pierce Buckley - Co-founder & CEO, babelforce

Pierce Buckley on why he hired us:

1. It's very easy to churn out videos:

"I thought that video is too high-touch, too high-maintenance, too much resources required to do it regularly” - until he found that with our service there “could be a regular program to do it, that would take very little effort from our side.”  

2. We do all the legwork:

“So figuring out that most of the legwork is done by you guys and that you turn up, you do the content, and you do the video recording, and you manage everything else and you tell us when to do things.”

Pierce just turns up to 1h of recording once every 2 weeks to answer the questions we create for you, and then we:
- edit the video
- create the thumbnails
- generate subtitles
- write the copy
- send it his team for approval
- publish it across relevant platforms 

3. Bad experiences with external agencies:

“We had very bad experiences working with external agencies. Usually, it’s just a ton of bullshit in the beginning, lots of talk about the great stuff you can do and different exercises in branding and strategy ... but then it’s basically project work where a huge amount of effort has to come from our side because there is not a process that’s being managed on the agency-side.

"And then it’s super expensive because it’s so nebulous, and they can do whatever because they’re a creative agency that means that every project expands into something much bigger than it would be if it was very specific.”

With Project 33, “you’re solving a really specific problem with a totally tailored solution for that.”

4. The 7 Hour Rule:

The tipping point for him was our video on the 7-Hour Rule: “I had never really got this concrete thing in my mind that you need to spend a certain number of hours with each person who is gonna buy from you… the 7 Hour thing that you talk about a lot… and that it makes sense to try and scale your ability to do all that communication… so that one nugget of information was the thing that really got me… 

"And I explained it to the other guys and nobody has challenged it, all the enterprise sales executives who are super arrogant, they were all like ’That’s right, that’s exactly right’ without even looking into it or watching your videos.”

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