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Grow your B2B software business with Founder-Led Marketing

Project 33 helps B2B software startups create awareness for their solution, build trust & credibility in their market, generate inbound demos, and drive sustainable business growth by implementing Founder-Led Marketing and positioning their founder as an authority in their space.

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What is Founder-Led Marketing?

Founder-Led Marketing is a modern approach to marketing that leverages your founder's expertise, stories and gravitas to create awareness, build customer trust, and generate demand for your category by turning their insights into shareable, bite-sized content and marketing assets. Why the founder? Because we believe that in order to effectively drive revenue, today’s marketing needs to be built on deep customer, product and market insights – and no one understands them better than your founder.

Why does Founder-Led Marketing work?


1. Easier to build awareness:


Sophisticated B2B buyers want to hear from the founder, not from a Content Writer or PR person. The founder has the best stories as they've been with the business since day one.

2. Easier to build trust:


No one understands your company, product, customers and market better than your founder. And deep insights are what build customer trust and company credibility.

3. Easier to create demand:


It's much easier to generate new demand for your product if you have someone actively evangelizing your category, and no one is better suited to carry this flag than the founder.

Founder-Led Marketing vs Alternatives

Traditional BMarketing (Non-founder-led)
Founder Personal Branding
Founder-Led Marketing
Traditional B2B Marketing (non-founder-led)
Founder Personal Branding
Founder-Led Marketing
Generate leads / MQLs
Grow personal social media following of the founder
Drive revenue & business growth
Google ads, website blog/SEO, email marketing
Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok
All channels (channel agnostic)
Product features, product pitches, CTAs
Personal anecdotes, selfies
Insights, industry commentary, educational content
Organic & paid
Organic & paid
Pure demand capture
Demand capture & demand creation
Demand capture & demand creation
Focus on which market segment
On the 3% who are actively looking to buy right now
On the 97% who are currently not interested in buying
On 100% of the market by creating different marketing assets for each group
Lead quality
High volume, low quality
Highly variable
Low volume, high quality
Lead to Deal Conversion Rate
Highly variable
In order to sell more, we need more leads and email contacts for our sales team to pound
In order to sell more, we need more followers and likes on social media
In order to sell more, we need to build customer trust and educate our buyers before they ever talk to Sales
Highly dependent on the charisma of the founder

Why you should not implement Founder-Led Marketing







❌ You're selling a low-cost, B2C or very simple, straightforward product

❌ You're still building the product or you don't have a clear buying persona (you sell to anyone and everyone)

❌ Your founder is new in the field and doesn't have deep domain expertise yet

❌ Your founder is only involved in a narrow area of the business or doesn't interact with customers and prospects

❌ You just want some "LinkedIn content" for your founder

✅ You're selling a complex, expensive solution ($10k+ ACV) to sophisticated buyers (Director-level & up)

✅ You have initial traction (> $1M ARR) and know exactly what you're selling & to whom

✅ Your founder has deep domain expertise of the field you’re in (eg. in cybersecurity if you’re selling cybersecurity software) and is respected by peers

✅ Your company is small enough that your founder is still involved in most functions of the business and has regular interactions with customers and prospects

✅ You have the willingness to make Founder-Led Marketing an organizational approach

Founder-Led Marketing is easy to integrate with Project 33


we dont operate like your usual marketing agency with lots of brainstorming sessions....

instead, we follow an engineered approach...

Example of results from Founder-Led Marketing

Ready to scale your B2B software business?

Speak to someone on our team to find out if our process would also work for your company.

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