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Grow your B2B software business with Founder-led Marketing

Project 33 helps B2B software companies create awareness for their solution, build trust & credibility in their market, shorten deal cycles, and generate inbound demos by raising their founder's profile and positioning them as authorities in their space.

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Stop collecting low-quality leads, start building customer trust

In today's world, doing Marketing to collect "leads" isn't effective anymore. If you want a list of email addresses for your sales team to chase, it's easier to just buy them on ZoomInfo or scrape them from Linkedin.


In 2023, Marketing's role should be to bring in high-intent revenue opportunities and provide air cover so Sales can close deals faster and at a higher win rate — because you've built trust and credibility in your market before someone ever speaks to a Salesperson.

Our proprietary content framework helps you turn your founder's insights into a marketing engine that builds customer trust and creates demand at scale.

Good Marketing - What people think vs What it actually is

Integrate your marketing campaigns, run growth cost-effectively

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Marketing complexity is going up. In most companies, marketing happens in silos. Ebooks that get lost in underperforming PPC campaigns. Linkedin content that gets posted once, never to be seen again. Blog posts that no one reads.

There's no repurposing, you hire more people than you need — which drives up costs — and you end up with multiple isolated marketing campaigns that aren't properly integrated or tracked.

With our distribution framework, you create marketing assets that can be repurposed in multiple channels and we have an underlying tracking & reporting mechanism so you know what's actually working and what isn't.

Streamline your marketing activities, save time to focus on your business


We don't do "brainstorming sessions" and "content briefs" and "quick input calls". We follow a clear process and framework that we arrived at not through guessing, but through trial and error.

Our production process ensures that we focus on the things that actually make a difference, cut out all the fluff, and create a lean & reliable marketing engine for you.


With us, your founder needs 1-2 hours per week maximum to execute on our framework.

As a result, you get an active Linkedin profile, an active Linkedin Company Page, an active Youtube channel, an active email newsletter, new content to feed your website's SEO every week, and further systems to repurpose your pillar content in your ads and outbound.

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Build a marketing engine that reliably drives revenue

In today's world, you can't rely on capturing existing demand for your solution anymore, you need to actively create new demand by educating your buyers on your perspective and the benefits of your solution.


When you have a product or service that people want, communicating your perspective, insights, and the benefits of your solution, is like putting gasoline on the fire. When marketing is done right, it drives revenue. More qualified opportunities, shorter deal cycles, higher win rates, pipeline velocity goes up.


Below, Philipp Ströhemann (Co-founder & CEO at ComX) and Kevin Bobowski (CMO at Siteimprove) talk about their results from working with us.

Ready to scale your B2B software business?

Speak to someone on our team to find out if our process would also work for your company.

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