Scale your Personal Brand on LinkedIn for under $500

Project 33 creates high quality written and video content for your LinkedIn, tailored to your personality and target market - establishing you as a thought leader in your industry.

Step by Step Video

How Our Process


Streamline & outsource your content creation process

All you have to do is attend a video call with us once a week and we extract your industry insights and turn them into LinkedIn content that gets viewed

1. Fill out our Questionnaire with your industry, target market, key decision-makers and your personal interests.

2. We ideate questions every week that you should answer to provide value to your audience and establish though leadership

3. You show up to our Weekly Ideation Call, we ask you the questions, you answer and we record the call

4. After the call, we turn the call recording into LinkedIn content. Copywriting, video editing, captioning, hashtag research - all done by us.

Affordable pricing

No long-term commitment.


Make your Personal Brand a revenue driving machine

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