€3,500 - €5,200 per month. Includes:


  • Production of 4 - 8 pillar videos per month. English or German.

  • Monthly recording sessions with our Creative Director to batch-record your videos in one go, done remotely

  • Video direction: we make sure to follow best practices when recording (no rambling, no repetition, high energy, conciseness, adding examples, etc.)

  • ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) definition based on firmographics and psychographics

  • Definition of your content pillars and recurring themes, broken down into Problem & Solution, Subject Matter Expertise, Company, and Personal content

  • Ideation of new strategic topics for you on an ongoing basis, based on our B2B Content Framework

  • Editing of all videos, including all subtitles and thumbnails - two versions per video: horizontal and meme format

  • Writing of all video copy as stand-alone text posts, according to our Copywriting Guidelines

  • Publishing of all videos on your personal LinkedIn profile at the right time with the right hashtags

  • Publishing of the videos on your company’s LinkedIn Page

  • Publishing of the videos on a company Youtube channel (that we create for you), including Youtube SEO

  • Creation of an email newsletter based on the best-performing videos. We write the copy and send it out to your contacts using your email software every month

  • Creation of a content library for your team to easily access, sort, and further repurpose your growing repository of evergreen content

  • Access to our Customer-only Resource Hub with resources, tutorials, and strategies that you and your team can use to further repurpose the videos. Eg. how to setup a website FAQ page, how to run Facebook retargeting ads, how to utilize the videos in a cold email strategy, and more

  • Strategic network growth: we proactively grow your network on LinkedIn, adding people who fit your customer profile to make sure that the right people see your content

  • Optimization & setup of your relevant social profiles: LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn company page, Youtube channel

  • Monthly Reports with an overview of everything that was posted and Quarterly Deep Dive Reports with insights into best and worst-performing videos to continually iterate on your content strategy

  • No unpredictable costs