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“Video Is Too High-Touch, Too High-Maintenance”

Is creating videos too high-touch and high-maintenance to do it regularly?



Unlike written content, you need to have multiple things in place to create videos:

- You need to set up the camera and have a camera operator (if you don’t know how to operate it).
- The space needs to be quiet (maybe you need to rent a studio).
- The background and the framing of the camera need to be okay.

Once you’ve recorded the video, you need to:
- edit it.
- create the thumbnails.
- add subtitles.
- write the copy.
- upload it to all the different platforms.

But it doesn’t have to be messy and so time-consuming if you have a framework.

For example, at Project 33, we cut down the time required to create 8 videos every month to 1-2 hours per week for the founders we work with.

We record remotely and ensure that everything is set up for recording.

We prepare questions for them, they answer them, and then we take care of everything in the backend.

All they have to do is:
- show up to our recording session once every 2 weeks (ca. 1h).
- review and approve 4 videos and copies every 2 weeks (ca. 1h).

That’s how we’re able to churn out a lot of video content pretty quickly.

You can do that too.

All you need is to have a streamlined process in place.

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