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2 Mistakes Beginners Make When Starting to Create Content

People usually make 2 mistakes when they start creating content:

1. They don’t talk about the obvious things.
2. They are trying to impress their peers, rather than their prospects.

When you start creating content, you share your expertise around the thing that you’re selling. Maybe that’s website design, maybe that’s healthcare, maybe that’s content creation (like for us).

And usually, you have a peer network around that topic. If you design websites, you usually know a bunch of other website designers.

So when you start creating content to sell your website design services and to showcase you knowledge around website design, you often don’t talk about the obvious and simple things.

For example, “Should I use Wix or Squarespace to set up a website?” Or “What’s the difference between a header and subheader?”

Because you think it’s such an easy and obvious thing. All your peers know the answer to those questions. They’d laugh about you if you’d make content about such obvious things.

So instead you want to talk about some complex, philosophical idea around website design – because you want your peers to look at the video be impressed.

But if you want to build a business, you have to impress your prospects, not your peers.

And since your prospects are not website designers, they don’t know all those things that come naturally to you and your peers!

That’s why they pay you. Because what’s obvious to you isn’t obvious to them.

So you need to start creating content that might be obvious to you, but that actually addresses your prospects’ questions and problems.

Impress your prospects, not your peers!

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