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2 Ways to Better Leverage Your LinkedIn Content

Stop posting your videos just once.

Here are 2 ways to repurpose your video content:

1. Resource page:

You can create a “Resources” page on your website and embed all your videos along with the copy and keywords.

By doing this, you are:
- Continuously building your website’s SEO
- Providing value to all website visitors, whether they come from an organic channel or from an ad, from a cold email, etc.

2. Email newsletter:

Use the organic metrics you got on LinkedIn and send the best-performing video of the month to your email list in a monthly/bi-weekly newsletter.

If you don’t have an email list yet, you can start by asking every prospect who doesn’t close if you can send a useful email once a month.

That way, when the timing is right for them, they’re more likely to choose your service over other providers because you’ve stayed top of mind with them.

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