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3 Big Problems With Selling High-Priced Products

“No one ever bought a high-priced product without asking critical questions.”

So B2B companies, who are in the business of selling high-priced products and services, need an efficient way to answer these critical questions. Because how well and efficiently you answer them will make all the difference on your closing rate.

Most companies with high-priced, complex products leave this task to Sales. The prospect books a call (hopefully), and on that call the salesperson, sometimes the founder themselves, will answer and address these critical questions.

There are three problems with this approach:

1. This only works if the prospect actually books the demo. Sometimes the critical questions loom so big that there are too many doubts and suspicions in the prospect's mind that they don't request a call in the first place.

2. It doesn't scale, you need to answer the same sets of questions every time with every new prospect on a 1on1 call.

3. Depending on how you sell your solution, the person who is on the call with the prospect, often times a sales rep or AE, might not be well-equipped to answer these critical questions. Especially when you sell a technical solution to technical people with technical questions, your salespeople won't be able to answer those questions, or they'll answer them with some script they learned by heart, not because they genuinely understand the tech.

How to solve these problems?

Create videos that answer, one at a time, every single one of these critical questions you usually get from prospects. Kind of like an FAQ.

1. If you distribute these videos in places where your prospects can easily find them (your website, your Linkedin, a company Youtube channel, etc.), they can watch these videos BEFORE deciding whether they wanna book a call, so you get the biggest doubts and suspicions already out of the way.

2. Videos scale. You only have to record each video once, and then that same video can be watched by hundreds of prospects.

3. If you sell a complex/technical solution, you can have a technical person or the person who understands the product in most depth, usually a founder, in the video. Makes sure that the most critical questions get answered in the best possible way.

Does this make sense?

PS. The above quote is from Deniz Dallar, Head of Sales at ComX! 🙏

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