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3 Steps to Repurpose Content

What’s the best way to repurpose content on LinkedIn?

Here are the 3 steps we follow:

1️⃣ Get a tracking tool:

We use Shield AI to collect LinkedIn analytics for all posts (number of views, likes, comments, engagement rate, etc.).

2️⃣ Create reports:

It’s not enough to just get the raw data, you need to analyze that data, decide what is relevant and significant, and what is not, so you can take action on it.
Remember: You only want to repost the good videos.

Internally, we have a technical definition for what makes a "great video":

The number of total engagements on that post (likes + comments) is at least 1 standard deviation higher than the average number of engagements for the complete data set (3 months of content).

Those "great videos" get reposted, re-recorded and/or followed-up on.

3️⃣ Have a content library:

We create a content library in Notion for each client::
Every piece of content is listed and tagged based on topic, category, first posted, etc.
All the assets related to a video in one place: video files, thumbnails, SRT files, copy files, etc.

That makes repurposing easy.

You can keep reposting the good videos from the previous quarter while you keep creating new ones. And then analyze the new ones too.

That way, you keep increasing the percentage of good videos in your content strategy.

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