4 Content Pillars for Successful Founder Branding

We create 4 types of content for customers:

Problem and Solution (25%)

It’s answering any question that explains your solution, questions that prospects usually ask on sales call:

- How does your solution work?

- What are the features?

- What are the benefits?

- What’s your pricing?

- How do you structure deals?

- What’s your onboarding like?

- Why do you do things in this certain way?

- How do you compare to a certain competitor?

These content pieces are helpful for prospects who are already aware of you and have started considering buying from you.

We also call it inside-of-funnel content.

Subject Matter Expertise (50%)

It’s anything that establishes you as an expert in your field (whether it’s websites, marketing, sales, design, healthcare, waterproofing, or whatever it is that people pay you and your company money for).

It’s for anyone in the market who is dealing with the general pain points and problems that you’re solving, and not just for people who are considering your solution.

This includes advice, insights, strategies, tips, tricks, and how-to content pieces.

Company Culture (12.5%)

This is anything people wanna know about your company in general: your team, your growth, new hires, new office, new funding rounds, a picture of an company offsite company etc.

Basically, anything that includes your culture, mission, founding story, and the like.

Personal (12.5%)

It’s anything about the person creating the content:

- What do you do in your free time?

- What books have you read recently?

- What side projects do you have?

- What do you think about family?

- etc., etc.

So if we create 8 content pieces a month: 4/8 are Subject Matter Expertise, 2/8 are Problem & Solution, 1/8 is Company and 1/8 is Personal.

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