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4 Ways to Become a Better Speaker on Video

4 ways to become a better speaker on camera:

1. Record more videos:

In the beginning, it's awkward to sit and try to talk to the camera. As you do it more, you get better at it, and it feels more natural. As with everything.

2. Be concise:

Say what you need to say with as few words as possible.

Someone recently asked me for coaching resources for video skills, and I recommended them “Elements of Style” - which is a book on copywriting.

A lot of principles for good copywriting also apply to speaking well, like removing unnecessary words, indirect language, and repetitions.

3. Write down the bullet points:

By writing down the list of points you want to cover, you're forced to add some structure to the video.

- What are the things you want to talk about?
- In which order should you say them?
- How should you wrap up?

Caution: Don’t write a full script because that will make your videos look scripted, and you will feel even more unnatural.

4. Talk about things that excite you:

Video is all about body language and tonality.

So if you talk about something that you don't give a sh*t about, people can see that.

Even if a topic is boring, you can make it more lively by adding your spin to it. Give an anecdote or example. Relate it to something specific that you went through.

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