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5 Reasons Why Video Is Superior

Here are 5 reasons why videos are the superior medium to get your marketing messages out:

1️⃣ They make it easier to stand out

Most companies already have a website blog, or posting text posts on LinkedIn, but only very few companies have a consistent video play going. And a lot of marketing is just about standing out.

2️⃣ They make it easier to build trust

The way we evaluate someone’s trustworthiness by seeing their face, hearing their tonality and seeing their body language.

And video is the only medium that can communicate all of these aspects.

This is especially helpful in a B2B environment where we need to build a lot of trust with our prospects.

3️⃣ They’re easier to repurpose

If you record a video about a certain topic, you can repurpose it easily into the other formats: text & audio.

If you transcribe the video, do some minor edits and restructuring, you have a blog or text post ready in 5 minutes.

And if you have a video, you automatically have audio. You can create podcasts from videos, for example we started experimenting with it 2 months ago: we take the best-performing videos of the every month, rip the audio, clip them back to back, and create highlight podcasts.

4️⃣ They make it easier to explain complex topics

We work with a lot of B2B companies that sell complex solutions with a lot of nuances and moving parts to them, and they want to be able to communicate these details into the marketplace.

And whether it’s the founder or someone from the C-suite of a company, they often find it easier talking about their solution for 3 minutes in a video than writing a cohesive text post about it.

Why? Because that’s what they do all day: they explain these exact same things to their team, colleagues, and prospects on calls and in meetings. So they already have a lot of training talking about their opinions and solution.

But if you ask them to write about it, they suddenly overthink it, they try to be fancy with their words, read the post over and over again, and reformat it several times. So writing something down you could’ve said in 3min often takes much longer than that.

5️⃣ They’re easier to consume

I think it’s a Forbes poll where they asked executives, “If you want to learn about X, would you prefer watching a video or reading a text about it?”

And over 60% said that they’d prefer to watch videos.

That’s the same thing for me: I want to learn how to setup Facebook ads or fix my window, I would much rather watch a 10-minute YouTube video about it than read a long blog post.

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