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50 Likes From Your Employees < 3 Likes From Your ICPs

Let’s talk about content engagement.

Views, likes, comments. People like to look at these metrics and measure themselves by them.

Which video got the most views? Which got the most likes?

I think people are not paying attention to the more important thing: WHO engaged with your content.

Suppose you posted 2 videos:

Video 1: You skiing in the Alps. It gets 2,000 views and 60 likes, but all those likes are from your own employees, your mom and your best friend from college.

Video 2: You breaking down a complex topic, sharing your subject-matter expertise. That video gets 200 views and 6 likes, but 4 of those are from people who fit your customer profile but are not a customer yet.

Which video is worth more?

If you just look at the pure numbers, you might think that Video 2 isn’t working. And that you should post more skiing videos, and fewer complex subject-matter expertise videos.

In reality, it’s the 2nd video that usually has the higher impact on your bottom line because there’s something in it that clearly resonates with your ICP.

People often overlook this.

WHO engaged > HOW MANY engaged.

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