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Achieving Audience-Market Fit

“Is there an untapped potential on Instagram for business content?”

Yes and no.

Because it depends on many different factors:

- What is your industry?
- Where is your audience?
- Do you have a product, message, and audience-market fit?
- etc.

Ultimately, you want to post content wherever your audience is.

But we haven’t seen a good response for our business content on Instagram (as compared to, say, LinkedIn).

So we post on LinkedIn, Youtube, and email newsletters for ourselves and our customers because we have enough evidence that these platforms will work for them.

However, experimentation is always a good thing.

So, we build a content library for our customers where they can access all the assets we create for them, and their marketing teams can use it to test other channels.

In summary, every channel may have untapped potential for business content, not just Instagram, because it depends on many different factors.

You’ll have to test and see.

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