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An Undervalued Side Effect of Creating Video Content

Here’s an undervalued side effect of creating a lot of videos:

(Steven Bartlett talked about it recently)

You get better at articulating your ideas in an eloquent, thought-out way.

If you have an idea or opinion that you want to get out in the world, and you want to create a video about it, you need to be able package it in a way that people can easily watch and understand it.

And the more you do that, the better you get at.

I remember once of our customers told me that every morning, before the our video recording session, he goes for a walk to think about how he would articulate his ideas, which has started translating into many other things.

Because as a Founder or CEO, when you get better at articulating your thoughts, you also get better at:
- pitching to investors
- giving a keynote
- talking in board meetings
- presenting the company’s mission to the team

And that’s just your professional life. It also translates into your private life.

So if you want to get better at articulating your ideas, talking into a camera is not a bad idea.

You might think you’re a bad speaker, but you probably just need practice.

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