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Business Problems We Solve Using Videos

You can use videos to solve all kinds of business problems.

At Project 33 we use videos to:

1. train our team
2. explain new features
3. shorten our sales cycle
4. answer questions we receive on LinkedIn
5. communicate something new on our website
6. introduce missing angles in our Facebook ads
7. explain something about our service that isn’t understood well
8. address an objection that comes up in sales calls and cold emails
9. announce that we are hiring and attract people that fit our company culture
10. document our clients’ feedback on something that helped them use our videos
11. build SEO on specific search terms that people used and ended up on our website
12. etc. etc.

As you can see, we not only use videos for various marketing needs (social media, paid ads, SEO, etc.) but also to solve sales, HR, and operations problems.

And that’s why I record new videos every 2 weeks because there’s always something new that I want to address besides posting new videos on my LinkedIn.

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