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Case Study: Pierce Buckley, Founder & CEO of babelforce

CASE STUDY: Pierce Buckley, CEO & Co-founder at babelforce

Here are the snippets from my conversation with Pierce:

➡️ The Turning Point

"We already made some video content [before hiring Project 33], but it was just impossible for us at babelforce to fit it into our schedule.

We decided to go ahead [with you] because you guys showed us a way where you took away most of the things that we're not good at and the things we don't have time for, including content ideation and content preparation.

The post-processing and the things that need to be done afterwards, if it was falling to our still relatively small but growing marketing team, we might not be able to do it because it's not our core expertise.

So the beginning experience was a real eye-opener, 'Oh, we can actually do this content better than we would before… in a way that can be built into our routine easily.'

So that's a game-changer for us in terms of video content creation."

➡️ Fun and feedback

"We like engaging with you guys. So that part's been fun.

I like to think I'm pretty coachable, and you like to coach. I like your feedback about how to do things better and try new things.

[You tell me], 'Hey, that didn't really sound right,' or 'That's not worded well,' Or 'Maybe you should try a different way.'

You also ask key questions like, 'What would somebody do with the outcomes of this video?'

I think it has made it possible for me to up my game a bit. But the audience has to judge that.

But it has brought our overall delivery of video content really up a good few notches from where it was."

➡️ Favorite features

1. The recording calls

"I [personally] like the recording itself the most. Whether it's an audience of 1, like you doing these recordings, or a speaking slot when it's a whole room full of people, something special happens when you're communicating directly with somebody.

And in your case, you've got real expertise in this area. So you're helping me achieve something that I would not achieve on my own."

2. The questions

"Other personal thing I liked [is that] the questions are available in advance.

I go on an early morning walk for a long time every day. In my head, I prepare what I'm going to say.

And that's been really helpful to think things through … certain aspects of what we do, or how we engage with customers and partners, and everything. So independent of the videos, that exercise has been useful to me."

3. The low-touch, end-to-end approach

"From the company point of view, I think it's more about the fact that you manage most of the pre and post [production] work in a way that makes it much more manageable for us. I think that's our team's favorite thing about our engagement."

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