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Case Study - Felix Caprez, COO at Ferris Labs AG

CASE STUDY: Felix Caprez, Co-founder & COO at Ferris Labs.

According to Felix, there was 1 specific reason to work with us and create videos:

"Because you told us it's a good idea."

Ferris is still a young company (1.5 years), and it has been amazing to see them evolve, transform and grow.

Marking 1 year of working together, I asked Felix some questions about our partnership.

➡️ Here's what he had to say about our process of creating videos:

1️⃣ "I am speaking to a human, not a camera."

"This is my favorite feature where I truly benefit the most: I'm talking to you [Jay], and not to a camera. I'm speaking naturally and about what is important to me [...]. That leads me to try to explain to you as a person what is important to me. It's a natural process. It's one that comes from the heart."

2️⃣ "I can still say that I truly meant what I said a year ago [in a video]."

"I can still say that I truly meant what I said a year ago because it came with my thinking, information, and belief at that time. And that makes it true even though the information or the content itself may change over time."

3️⃣ "It's a fun process."

"Over the past years, you [Project 33] certainly were at the forefront of experiencing how our message has evolved. Because our product and we as a company are evolving. And I think that's the fun part of it. It's to see that we're not standing still."

4️⃣ "It's for the sake of conveying a message."

"I do see that creating content is valuable, as long as what you have to say is really something you believe in. And it's not just for the sake of creating a video. It's conveying a message. And over the past years, we've been doing that."

➡️ Here's what he had to say about the results:

1️⃣ "My presence on LinkedIn has gone up a number of levels."

"I have been able to make nice contacts through LinkedIn. Even personal contacts. It's not just the numbers that have increased, but also the [...] seriousness of some of them. [...] I have a regular exchange with some people I have never met, which is quite nice."

2️⃣ "Our LinkedIn company site has received a lot more attention and visitors."

"Ultimately, I think, this is the purpose behind doing business: You want people's attention to what you're doing and be interested in the company and the brand you represent."

➡️ Would he recommend us, though?

"I think that building videos is the best way to go. Because if you try to do the same thing by writing articles, it's infinitely more difficult [...] and it takes a lot more time.

Videos are personal, you can create a number of videos within a relatively short amount of time and truly convey what's on your mind.

Therefore, I would really recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve just that: Make a name for themselves and give people meaningful content and information that is close to their heart."

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