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Closing Our First Customer From Cold Email

Last month, we closed our first deal that came purely from cold email!!!

Here’s why I started with cold emailing:

The quality of the leads that are coming through our content is really good.

But inbound is always a little bit unpredictable:

Sometimes we get 2 people per week, sometimes 5, and sometimes none for 2 weeks.

I wanted to add some predictability to our pipeline by adding a proactive sales channel.

So 3 months ago, I started experimenting with cold emailing, mainly inspired by Philipp from ComX and Josh Brown.

Here are the 2 main resources I am using for that:

1. as the CRM, which I found great for sending email sequences.

2. Josh Brown's email templates from his "Badass B2B Growth Guide" course on cold outreach (I highly recommend).

In terms of the actual email templates, I am still doing a lot of experimentation by creating different copies, A/B testing, and tracking the results.

Our conversion rate is probably not that good yet because I only started recently.

But something seems to be working. Super excited about this little win.

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