Cold Email vs Content

The fewer companies you can potentially work with, the more important it is to build a brand.

Here’s why:

If you’re selling to SMBs in the US, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of companies that fit your customer profile, so you can easily do cold outreach and have untrained SDRs go out and try to catch someone.

But if your market is Fortune 500 companies and you send out 100 cold emails today, you'll be done after a couple of days.

So in just a couple of days, you might burn your whole addressable market if:
- your email template isn't good,
- your SDRs are too salesy or spammy, or
- you caught the customers at the wrong moment.

What’s a safer way to do it?

Put out educational content on the topics your potential customers care about.

Slowly, you'll build a brand that people trust, they know who you are and what problem you solve. Once any of them are in active buying mode, they will come to you.

But, more importantly, you won’t burn all the other 97% - who aren’t actively looking for a solution yet - with your cold outreach.

Once they move into active buying mode, they will consider you because you've built authority and brand within that niche.

So look at your TAM: The smaller it is, the higher the risk with a cold outreach strategy.