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Cold Email vs Content

Suppose you send a cold email.

The only way a prospect is gonna respond and take a call with you is if something you say in the email resonates with them.

That usually means that you pin-point a problem your product or service solves that that prospect is currently, actually struggling with.

But in most cases, your product or service solves a variety of pain points and problems.

For example for us, we do video, there are a bunch of different problems our solution might solve, depending on the prospect:

- Some companies have super long sales cycles and they wanna shorten them. Videos can help there.
- Some companies are in a very competitive market, and Google is taking all their data scientists. Videos can help attract talent.
- Some companies are in a very commoditized market, so videos can help them differentiate themselves through messaging, branding, and positioning.

Wherever they are, different messages will resonate with them and get them to act.

But because I don’t know upfront what problem a prospect is dealing with, I need to randomly pick one; otherwise, it’s going to be a messy and confusing email.

And the worst part: I only have one try. Because it’s intrusive. I don’t get to send 10 different emails to the same prospect, trying 10 different approaches.

But with content, you have multiple tries at saying the thing that will resonate.

I can make a video about each of these problems, post it on Linkedin, and then each founder will ignore everything that doesn’t resonate and respond to whatever does resonate with them. Because it’s non-intrusive.

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