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Communicating Nuances: Text Posts vs. Videos

Most people communicate nuance better in videos than in texts.

Here’s why:

It takes a more experienced writer to express nuance and hook people through text.

For instance, let’s assume that you want to talk about your solution on the platform and you’re an average writer.

So, you overthink while writing the post, “Am I making any sense? Maybe this is too long… How do I explain this in the right way?”

And you end up posting a short and shallow piece of text that mentions only the key points because it is difficult to transcribe your knowledge in writing.

In videos, however, you can explain, use pauses, give examples, and use your tone to navigate your explanation.

So, you can give more nuance and keep people hooked because your examples sound better and make more sense.

That’s why most people can express themselves better while talking in a video setting.

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