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Confidence Is the Key to Closing More Sales Calls

I expect to close every sales call on the spot.

Here's why:

It brings that energy, attitude, and confidence you need to sell your product effectively.

Not everyone will buy your product, even if they’re the right fit.

A lot of things go into the decision-making that are outside of your control:
- personal preferences
- the tone of your sales pitch
- cultural differences
- etc.

That's why I’m not attached to the outcome of the sales call.

But I start the call with the mindset of closing the deal.

I remember talking about it with Philipp:

If your product is a must-have for your prospects, you have to EXCITE them about it!

Show them that you genuinely believe in the value and ROI of this investment.

Because if you don't believe in it, why should they?

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