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Content’s Role in Selling to Multiple Stakeholders

B2B sales involving multiple stakeholders is inherently flawed!

Let me explain:

As a B2B company, you deal in s complex, explanatory product. That means your salespeople need to explain a high level of complexity to a stakeholder during a demo so they understand the value of your solution.

And when that highly complex information is passed from one stakeholder to another and then to the final decision-maker, it gets diluted.

Because they won’t understand and retain the information completely. So, they will share what they have understood – what their point of view is.

They don’t do it out of ill intentions; that just happens unconsciously.

Still, your salespeople might lose the deal because the final decision maker didn’t get the complete overview of your solution.

That’s why B2B sales involving multiple stakeholders is inherently flawed.

But how do you address it?

Create multiple pieces of content about different aspects of your business and solution, and guide your salespeople to share relevant ones with stakeholders during demos and ask them:

“By the way, if you need to share X information with another stakeholder, here are some pieces of content about the same that they can watch before they jump on a call with me.”

That way, you will ensure that all the stakeholders involved in the decision-making process can access the complete information and increase your chances of closing the deal.

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