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Content Ideation Is Not a One Size Fits All

I love ideating content that cuts through the noise:

To do this for our clients, they must define and fully understand the following:
- Who are your ICPs?
- What are their pain points and desires?
- What solution are you offering?
- What does your tone of voice need to be?

At Project 33, we have our clients fill up these things in an extensive onboarding questionnaire that I then use to ideate questions for them.

When all these factors such as industry and solutions are well defined in the onboarding questionnaire I am able to ideate 100 questions in 1 session.

But there are clients whose industries are evolving so rapidly that I have to be on my toes and ideate with a lot more iteration (e.g., blockchain).

It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. And that’s the brutally fascinating part of my job.

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