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Content Is Networking at Scale

It’s tough to figure out what you wanna do if you’ve never done anything and you don’t know anyone.

One way to solve it is by starting to network with people: meeting new people, talking to them, making friends, helping them in some way.

Two benefits over time:

1. You get new inputs

People will tell you that they have an agency, an e-commerce store, etc., and it will give you ideas for what *you* could be doing. Ideas you otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to.

2. You’ll have supporters

So eventually, when you start actually *doing* one of those things, you already have people you can reach out to for help, support, input, etc.

So it becomes much easier to start.

Content has the same benefits because it helps you network with people online and at scale.

When you post about what you’re up to, what you’re thinking about, what you’re building and experimenting with, most people won’t care. But some people will say, “Oh, that’s what I am working on!” or “I need this, and can you help me with it?”

That’s how Project 33 started. I didn’t create videos because I thought this was the path. I created them because I liked making them.

Then in 2018, two business owners saw my videos on Linkedin and were like, “Hey, can you do the same thing for me? I’ll pay you money for it!”

Until then, it had never occurred to me that a business owner would want to create videos on LinkedIn.

So when you start posting content: don’t niche yourself down. Just talk about whatever you’re interested in, it’s fine if there is no cohesion.

That’s what I did when I started: I talked about just anything and everything. Who I met, what I thought, where I was traveling, what I was learning, the things I was trying out, etc. etc.

Because when you talk about what you’re interested in—what do you think about investing, your hobbies, football, Twitch, etc.—it will give more surface area for someone to see something that resonates with them.

And when they do, they’ll reach out to you.

Even at Project 33, that’s how I think about it when we produce videos for founders, business owners, and executives: to scale their networking. Showcase their expertise, build trust with people, and start new relationships, which will help their business and maybe other parts of their life.

So, content is just networking at scale.

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