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Content Won’t Work for You Unless You Do This

Content is like a networking event.

Just showing up won't make you memorable.

You know that you can't just go to a networking event and ramble about random things to the other attendees and hope that will somehow help your business.

What you say in those conversations with people, how you say it, and how you treat the other people at the networking event, THAT’S what matters.

What they will remember is whether you
- added value in conversations,
- shared interesting thoughts,
- were fun and nice and kind, or
- bought them a drink.

The same thing applies to content.

Too many people think it’s just about posting *something* on LinkedIn and that that will somehow help them or their business.

It won’t.

Just posting something won't make you stand out from the competition.

You need to build a brand and reputation by
- sharing your knowledge and expertise
- showing your personality

This way, people will remember you and your content and tell others about it.

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