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Creating Content: F500 CEOs vs Startup Founders

If you are a founder, don't do content like Fortune 500 companies.

Most of their content is interchangeable, unrelatable, and unengaging.

I've never been a fortune 500 CEO (and don't want to be).

But I am sure they are under a lot of pressure by their board of directors, their shareholders, their committee of branding and marketing people who all have their own ideas, etc.

Because of that, they all make the same videos that you can recognize from a mile away. They all:
- have the same elevator background music
- have a little plant in the background
- wear an impeccable suit
- never once stumble over the words
- never once say the wrong thing
- never once show any kind of personality
- solely talk about the “company mission”

The good side of it: They're playing it safe (knowing about their responsibilities and that saying something wrong can affect everything).

The bad side of it: The content feels like a scripted marketing speech that a robot could do, making it unrelatable and unengaging.

And then there are expectations like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, etc.

Despite their massive companies and responsibilities they
- make silly jokes
- are themselves
- don't take themselves too seriously.

And I think that's why they are so refreshing to people.

➡️ Takeaway:

Don't try to aspire for the fortune 500 CEOs with your content.

Instead, allow yourself to be a real person, embrace your personality, show some quirks, allow yourself to stumble over your words sometimes.

Because it's going to
- perform better
- get more engagement
- resonate more with people
- feel better because you are not trying to fit into some straitjacket.

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