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Depth of Engagement > Multiple Touch-Points

Content Marketing and your favorite barista have 1 thing in common:

The depth of engagement matters more than the number of touchpoints.

Let me explain this analogy:

1️⃣ Your Barista

Let's say you go to the same coffee shop every single day, Monday through Friday. That's 5 touchpoints a week with your barista.

You order your coffee, the barista says "hello," and you leave.

However, one day, you decide to go to a new coffee shop you've never been to.

Instead of just saying "hello," this new barista has a 3min conversation with you about
- how you're doing
- what you're up to today
- how you like your coffee
- etc

What coffee shop do you think you're going to come back to?

You'll go to the coffee shop where you had one meaningful interaction even though the first coffee shop had 5x times as many “touchpoints” with you.

2️⃣ Your content

The same principle applies to your content marketing.

Let's say you post a motivational quote on LinkedIn every single day, each getting 100 likes.

That's amazing.

But that's not a deep engagement, like the barista saying "hello" to you in your old coffee shop.

Now let's say you post a 6-minute video where you share a meaningful lesson, insight, or advice that your prospects can implement.

This video generates
- much more effort on your side
- much fewer likes because it's much harder to engage with

But you build meaningful relationships and trust with your prospects.

➡️ Takeaway:

In our personal interactions, we know the importance of engagement depth. But in marketing, it is often overlooked.

Especially if you sell high-ticket B2B solutions, you need meaningful interactions.

Because no one is going to spend $30,000, $50,000, or $120,000 with you after reading 5 of your motivational quotes you got from Will Smith somewhere.

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