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Do This Before You Create Content

Here’s why your content might not work for you:

It’s not in line with your current needs.

Here’s what I mean:

On LinkedIn, I've seen a lot of founders and CEOs actively searching for employees by adding the "We're hiring" button to their profile.

But in the content, they talk about their company, solution, client case studies, demos, and memes.

Talking about those things won't fulfill their need!

Let's say you want to hire salespeople.

Here is what your content should be about:

➡️ Give them reasons to apply for the position:

Talk about:
- How your commission works
- The kind of clients and industries you sell to
- Length of your sales cycle
- Your incentives & pay structure
- Your company culture
- Other perks of working with you

➡️ Share success stories of your employees:

"This is John, who started 6 months ago and is killing it! He is producing X amount of sales and making Y amount of money every month!"

It attracts prospects and boosts employee morale inside the company simultaneously.

The bottom line is:

There are many different reasons for creating content:

- generating leads & media opportunities
- building an audience,
- reducing your CAC and shortening your sales cycles,
- finding new channel partners at scale
- hiring talent
- finding new channel partners at scale
- nurturing leads on autopilot

Content is not just about views and likes.

You need to understand WHY you are creating it and then drive your content, tone, and way of delivering towards those needs.

Because if it doesn't fulfill your needs, what is even the point of creating it?

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