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Do You Know Who Your Real Competitors Are?

Your direct competitors aren’t your real competitors.

Let me explain:

Netflix CEO @Reed Hastings once said:

They don’t compete with other streaming service providers (Hulu, Disney+ etc) - their competition is anything people might do in their free time other than watching Netflix - hobbies, being outside, and even sleeping (which is scary).

Here’s what I learned from it:

For @Project 33, our competitors aren’t other personal branding agencies but anything that helps prospects get their business results.

If a prospect comes to us to create content for them and in their head, this content is a way for them to generate leads -

Then we aren’t competing with them with other personal branding agencies.

We’re competing with cold emailing agencies, billboards, advertising agencies, and anything that might create leads for them.

It was a big insight for me.

I stopped looking at what other content marketing and personal branding agencies were doing.

And I started to compare ourselves with other possible solutions that might help companies drive revenue.

Once you know who the people and companies you're really competing against are, you also better know how to position and differentiate yourself.

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