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Every B2B Company Should Create These Videos

4 types of videos you need as a B2B company:

1. Founding Story

A video about your company's purpose builds a connection with your audience.

Here, you need to talk about why and how your company came to be.

2. Process

You need to make a set of 4-5 videos that break down how your business works:

- How do you onboard your new clients?
- How does your team identify and solve their problem?
- How do you take them from point A to B?

This is where your prospects find the most value because they can see that you are capable of solving their problems.

3. Company Culture and Values

This set of videos should showcase the following:

- How do your company culture and values make you who you are?
- How do you and your employees live them on a daily basis?
- How do they impact and represent your clients?

4. Employee Success Stories

Lastly, you need to showcase that you have a deep, meaningful connection with your employees by sharing their successes.

We often put out success case studies with our clients but hardly any with our employees.

Sometimes, an employee that wasn’t the right fit on the paper comes into our business and shines.

For example, you hired a salesperson who didn’t have relevant experience but kicked ass!

That’s the content you need to have on your repertoire to showcase to your clients, prospects, and future employees.

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