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Hiring a Marketing Agency vs Doing It Yourself

Should you do your marketing yourself or hire an agency?

It depends.

Because it's not about what you do, it’s how you do it.

It’s not about uploading blog posts to your website, posting on LinkedIn, or running Facebook ads, it’s about how well you can do these things to have an actual impact.

So you need some knack for marketing and intuition about what your prospects will care about, what headlines will convert, how to position yourself, etc. to do any of these things well.

And if you have the time to focus on marketing and the natural ability to do it well, you should.

Otherwise, hiring an agency, a freelancer, or someone in-house is better.

But you need to validate that *they* know what they’re doing because there are many agencies who go just through the motion but don’t accomplish anything.

I talked with a prospect last week, and he told me that he is already working with a LinkedIn agency.

So, I asked him what they do for him.

And he explained that he pays them $3,000 Canadian dollars per month, and they post third-party blog posts 5 times a week on his LinkedIn company page.

Is this a good way to spend $3,000? In my opinion, no.

1. LinkedIn doesn’t like outbound links, so the content gets literally zero engagement.
2. Personal pages perform much better on Linkedin than company pages.
3. The outsourced blog posts—even if they can somehow find an interesting Forbes articles—don't build any credibility or trust for *him* and *his* company.

So if you have a knack for marketing, do it yourself.

Otherwise you need to find someone after validating that they know what they’re doing.

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