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How Content Makes Your Salespeople’s Life Easy

Content is what golf outings were a couple of years ago:

It builds reports, relationships and breaks the ice for your salespeople to close the deal.

I remember working in IT sales:

Pitching and selling to the decision-makers was not the issue. The tricky part was getting to them.

There are many solutions in the market to solve your prospects' needs. So to get to the decision-makers, you first have to break into the gatekeepers.

Historically, this was done by sales calls, dinners, and golf outings to build trust and relationships.

Today, as a B2B founder, you can break the ice through content.

Post valuable content on your company's LinkedIn and YouTube channels and provide it for your salespersons' cold outreach.

So when your prospects book a call, they already understand your product and services, who you are as a company, and trust you.

That makes your salespeople's jobs much easier. Because now they can focus on listening and answering questions.

Nowadays, your salesperson shouldn't be fully in charge of selling.

Instead, use marketing to complete 60-70% of the sales process so that your salespeople just have to close the deals and take the payment.

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