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How Does Content Help You Find New Channel Partners?

Finding channel partners is hard!

Here’s why:

You need to ensure that you can trust them because they’re going to sell your solution for you.

They need to have good alignment in terms of audience/customer profile. Otherwise, they’ll not have a lot of conversations with people who can buy your solution.

They also need to be aligned in terms of culture. If their salespeople are too pushy while you like to sell without being pushy, it will hurt your brand image.

On top of that, there are even fewer potential channel partners than there are potential customers.

And it’s already hard to get customers!

Now, how does content marketing makes finding channel partners easier?

By enabling outside companies to discover you and automating the validation process.

For example, we created and posted videos for Philipp, Founder at ComX.

He talked about his company, how it operates, what they do, the people they’re selling to, etc.

As a result, 2 channel partners reached out to him organically because they saw the videos and were able to validated the audience, culture, and product fit.

Basically inbound channel partners.

Most companies think that a good content strategy is just about generating leads, but it has many auxiliary benefits.

One of them is finding channel partners without actively searching for them.

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