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How Does Content Increase Your Win Rate?

Your win rate depends on a lot of factors:

- Do you have product-market fit?
- What’s your price point?
- Do you know how to explain your solution?
- How well have you qualified the prospect or lead?
- Do you have case studies and testimonials?

Let’s assume that all of these factors work. You have a great product and know how to sell it.

Now the next thing that will affect your win rate is the amount of trust that your salesperson can build with your prospects:

- Do they show the right case studies?
- Can they demonstrate their expertise?
- Can they answer the prospect’s questions and concerns?
- Do they have a good rapport with the prospects?

One thing you can do to increase this level of trust is to frontload this information *before* the prospect hops on the first sales call with them.

If you put out videos demonstrating your expertise (how you solution works, what trends are happening in the market, etc.) and building rapport by sharing what you’re up to, your prospects can already validate you as a trustworthy person before talking to you.

By watching the videos, they will already have a baseline trust, which will increase your win rates.

For us, most of our customers come through LinkedIn – they’ve seen some of my videos and eventually book a call on our website.

So, there’s already rapport on the first call, and I don’t need to *convince* of anything, eg. that our process works – all of that was already established before they hopped on the first call with me.

That’s why we have high win rates.

We have fewer leads coming through, but they convert at a much higher rate than other companies.

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