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How Having a Personal Brand Makes Hiring Easier

I recently tried hiring our 5th team member through a conventional job board and then through my personal brand. Here are the results.

I did 2 things to get applications:

1. I posted on a job board with a description of the kind of person I was looking for, the skills needed, etc.

2. I put out an Instagram and LinkedIn story saying, "Hey, I'm looking for an admin person. If you're interested, send me an email with a little bit about yourself."


Almost 80% of the applicants who came from my IG and LinkedIn were a fit for our culture (regardless of their skillset). For the job board applicants, it was maybe 10-20%.


People from the job board had never heard about me or Project 33. The people who reached out from my network knew about my life and personality, Project 33 and how we work, and even some of our team members.

That’s the benefit of talking about your business, your values and mission, and documenting your journey.

If you have a personal brand, hiring people who fit into your culture becomes much easier.

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