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How Project 33 Helps Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Does Project 33 help companies reduce costs?

No - I mean our service costs money 😂 BUT…

So we help founders produce 8 videos a month, which is great and all. Branding and so on.

But the videos can be used to serve many different marketing channels.

For example, here are all the things I do with the videos I record:

- Post them on my personal LinkedIn profile (like this one)
- Post them on our Project 33 LinkedIn company page
- Upload them to our YouTube channel
- Send out the best-performing video every two weeks to our email list
- Upload all of the videos with copies on our website Resources page to continuously build SEO
- Run the best-performing videos of all time as Facebook retargeting ads
- Use them in our cold emails and follow-up sequences

I get to be active on all these marketing channels with just one activity!

Most companies hire and allocate separate resources for each of them:

- they have one person managing and writing for their email newsletter,
- another person creating content for their LinkedIn page,
- another person who writes blog posts for their website SEO,
- hire another agency that creates and manages all their ads,
- and so on.

I can just use my content library of 100+ videos for all these purposes, which I spend 1 hour every 2 weeks recording. (I use the same process for all of my videos as we use for all of our customers.)

There’s still a cost, but it’s more cost-effective than most alternatives.

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