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How Siteimprove Grew Pipeline From 5 to 50 $100K Deals in 4 Months Using Video

Here’s how Siteimprove (B2B SaaS) leveraged their CMO Kevin Bobowski’s expertise to grow pipeline form 5 to 50 $100k deals in 4 months.

1. Sales Performance

"Initially, our story was all about accessibility. Through our work with you guys, everybody's now talking about this bigger story that is SiteImprove and we're connecting it up to value.

The messaging made a really big difference in sales performance, average deal size, and quota attainment.

We could turn a 20k accessibility deal into a 100k marketing performance deal. When I joined, we had a handful of $100k deals in the pipeline. Right now we have over 50 or 60."

2. Subject Matter Expertise

"I went to the Optimizely annual conference and spoke on their main stage. I'll tell you, everybody I talked to said: »My gosh, I saw what you're doing on LinkedIn. This is incredible. How do you do all this video?«”

3. Recruiting

"We were interviewing for a CFO role. Both of the candidates at the time told me:

»Hey, I read your content and watched your videos. I get it.« They already understood what we did and who I was.

That changed the complete course of the conversation. Instead of starting by telling them about myself and what we do, we were straight in the details."

4. Corporate Storytelling

"I remember when we first engaged with you guys, I was like okay, they're going to help us produce a bunch of videos. But then you guys came up with this 58-question questionnaire.

You guys have a methodology and approach. And it wasn't around video production. It was really around extracting the corporate story. I think you guys are storytellers."

5. Sales Enablement for BDRs

"But I'll save the best for last:

I was at the Optimizely annual user conference, sitting around the booth with a couple of our BDRs - the sales development reps who make the calls.

One of them was like: »Hey, I watch all your videos. I go through them, make notes, practice, and then use them in my calls for the next day to test that messaging in the market. And it works!«

And it turns out a lot of our BDRs do that! Even though I do all that stuff on internal enablement calls.

The BDR replied: »Yeah, but that's not how people listen and learn. It's in the middle of the day, and people have calls. So nobody cares. Those videos have been the best way for me to get out a message.«

I never thought that would be an enablement tool, but it absolutely became one."

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