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How the Right Content Strategy Helps Setting Expectations

Before you onboard a new client, you need to set the right expectations.

For example:

- “We need access to your website hosting service/CRM/email tool.”
- “You need to fill a questionnaire that will take 3-6 hrs of your time.”
- “We need 4 hours of your time each week for feedback.”

If you don’t do it initially, you’ll run into problems where you have to justify these requirements to each client later on.

This is one of the things content helps you do very effectively.

You can talk about these things up front in your YouTube, LinkedIn, and website content.

So when they come to you, they already know what’s expected of them.

As a result:
- You talk to fewer, better-qualified people and have a better chance at winning customers who are fully bought into what you do and how you do things.
- You’ll have a better experience working with those customers and won’t have to justify things later on.

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