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How to 80-20 Your Marketing

20% of marketing activities are driving 80% of the results.

The corollary here is that 100% of the activities are driving 100% of the results.

So, if you want to squeeze out the last 20% of the results—you want to get the best of the best—your cost jumps from 20% to 100%.

In this case, it means hiring specialists.

Hiring a Linkedin agency that specializes in Linkedin content and only does Linkedin + a Youtube agency that only does Youtube + an SEO agency that only does SEO etc.

Stacking 5-6 agencies or people and paying them a $5k retainer each.

Or you can find generalists who have a broad understanding of marketing fundamentals and know how to repurpose content and integrate different marketing activities. That’s the 80-20.

There is no right or wrong choice here, both work.

It depends on what you want and on your business fundamentals: how profitable you are, how much funding you have left, how many resources you have available.

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