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How to Become a Better Communicator

If you’re a natural showman like Gary Vaynerchuk, you get a head start at content creation.

But in the end, copywriting and oration are learnable skills. You get better at them as you do them more.

How you present your insights and ideas probably matters more than the quality or depth of those insights and ideas.

So the number one skill you want to improve to create better content, is improving your communication skills.

As founder, it’s a skill you want to develop anyway. If you hold a keynote, that’s oration. If you send a company-wide email about changes you’re making, that’s copywriting.

The side-effect of creating content is that you’ll become a master communicator.

Pay attention to people who are already great at it. Garyvee for video, Seth Godin for copywriting etc. How do they present their thoughts? What do they do, how do they say what they want to say?

Then do it yourself. Read and write. Watch and record.

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