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How to Build a Scalable Content Engine

A B2B company that sells complex solutions needs to build trust and awareness at scale.

So, you need to create and repurpose pillar content pieces that showcase your subject matter expertise: talk about what you do, how you do it, give advice and tips to your prospects, etc.

To do that, you can create a weekly or monthly podcast where you – the founder – talk about your learnings, advice, product, and so on.

And then repurpose it to create overlap between the different platforms instead of creating different content pieces for all of them.

For example, you can clip the podcast into separate videos for YouTube videos and LinkedIn posts and have someone transcribe it into blog posts for your website.

That’s how you create a pillar piece of content and repurpose it to service multiple channels, establish yourself as subject matter expert, and build trust and awareness at scale.

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