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How to Create Engaging Content: The Who-What-How Framework

How do you create content that your potential customers actually want to engage with?

Define and iterate on these 3 things:


You need to know the firmographics *and* the psychographics (learned this word recently) of your target audience.

- What are their industries, job titles, and company sizes?
- What solutions have they tried before but failed at?
- What are the suspicions holding them back from buying into your solution?
- What frustrations are they dealing with in their day-to-day?
- What trends are happening in their market, what happens if they don’t adapt?
- Etc etc etc


You can’t grab topics out of thin air and expect people to engage.

- Write down the questions and objections you get on your sales calls.
- Schedule a 30-minute call with your current customers and just ask them what their frustrations were before they hired you, what questions they wish someone could answer them, etc.

Make a list of all those questions and answer them in your content.


You might know WHO you are creating content for and WHAT content they want to see, but if you don’t present it in an engaging way, your content won’t perform as well as it could.

Learn the basics of:
- Video making: Sticking to the point, speaking clearly, not rambling, not repeating yourself, giving tangible examples, etc.
- Copywriting: Writing good headlines, being concise, using active language, not using filler words, etc. - best book on this is The Elements of Style.

You can have someone coach you for that or learn it yourself.

Figure out the “who” and “what,” and then iterate on the “how.”

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