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How to Create Engaging Videos as a Technical Person

Are you a technically savvy person who wants to create impactful content?

Don't just focus on the technicality of your product.

Instead, create content from a humanitarian and empathetic perspective.

Here's what I mean:

At Project33, we mainly work with B2B SAAS founders.

They have profound technical expertise which they want to communicate.

We realized that some founders focus too much on technical perfection.

This content won't be engaging.

Effective communication has to be user-centered.

Our customer Aleksandr is a perfect example of that.

He's the CEO & Co-Founder of SecurityScorecard, a very technical product.

But his main focus is the impact and benefit it has for the world and his customers.

That’s what makes it so engaging and impactful.

Next time you create content, first tap into your empathetic mindset by asking yourself:

“How can my product make people's lives better?”

Then, communicate technical aspects from this perspective.


In the end, it's not just about creating a product.

But about the difference it can make.

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