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How to Create Great 1st Impressions in Your Videos

Here’s how a little pizza shop called Vice Millano created an excellent first impression on me:

I ordered from them because my go-to shop didn’t have service.

The order came with a nice note specifying that it was my first, and I thought, “This is great! I like this level of service!”

So, I started ordering from them.

They still send a note wishing me something nice with every delivery.

I don’t remember exactly, but one of the cutest ones was, “You might be hangry, but this will put a smile on your belly!”

Similarly, as a B2B founder, you need to show empathy and a complete understanding of your product and audience to create a good first impression.

The pizza shop did that by sending the note, which signified they’re worth buying from.

So, you don’t need high-production videos to create a good first impression.

(You don’t want bad video and sound, though.)

But it’s what you say and how you say it that actually matters!

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