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How to Create Useful Content: The 3 E's

People consume content for one of 3 reasons:

To be entertained, to be empowered, or to be educated. (I call them the 3 E’s)

You shouldn’t spend much time entertaining or empowering (unless you’re a comedian or a motivational speaker, who entertains and empower people for a living).

They are still important to build rapport, but you should focus on educating your prospects about things they care about.

Pay attention to their recurring questions during sales calls, demos, discovery calls, etc. And then use your content to answer those questions IN THEIR WORDS.

For example:

If you’re a sales consultant and your prospects regularly ask you “How do I get prospects to reply to my cold emails?”, then create a video titled ” “HOW TO GET PROSPECTS TO REPLY TO YOUR COLD EMAILS”

Don’t title it “HOW TO WRITE A GOOD EMAIL SUBJECT LINE” - even if that’s how to get prospects to reply to cold emails.

One title catches your prospect’s eyes and the other doesn’t - they don’t care about email subject lines (unless it helps them to get more responses to their cold emails). You need to help them make that connection.

It’s all about presenting your content based on the problems your clients care about and not the solution you’ve figured out to solve it.

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