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How to Deal With Different Opinions in Marketing

There are so many “opinions” in marketing.

Everyone has their own idea of what works and how blogs should be written and how videos should be formatted and how many hashtags should be used and what the best practices are.

Which often just ends up in a mess and slow decisions.

Here are 2 ways to avoid conflicts while implementing marketing processes:

1️⃣ One person is responsible for the final decision – and only one.

In marketing, decisions are often made in committees. Everyone gives their own 2 cents and has their own preferences. But no one knows for sure, which results in clashing opinions regarding colors, fonts, formats, etc.

It’s not like coding, where you can execute two programs and more or less right away see which one works and which one doesn’t.

So, you need one person who owns the task of making final decisions.

They can take input, get feedback and ask questions from multiple people, but they make the final decision – and once it’s decided, it’s decided.

2️⃣ Test hypotheses to validate the best practices

Since there are a lot of opinions about what should be done, you need a way to know the *actual* best practices.

Pick one practice and test it for a while, then pick another practice and do the same.

Do it long enough, not just a day or a week, to get proper data, not just noise, to compare and know what actually works best for your particular situation.

Once you’ve validated a hypothesis, put trust into it and use it as your source of truth.

So as a new person comes in and they like to do things differently yet again, you can point them towards this established best practice that has stood the test of time and make faster decisions.

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